Author: James Ford

Payday Loans to Friends and Family: No Contract without a Contract!

Do not lend to friends or family without a contract   Nowadays, it is difficult and many times entails financial demands, which in some periods exceed our possibilities and exceed the reserves that we have managed to save. In such cases, borrowing money – sometimes lower, sometimes higher amounts – is the solution. Statistics say […]


Statement GDPR – Agram Bank

Agram Bank (hereinafter: the Bank) appreciates your privacy and continually invests in the technological development of its sites that provide greater security. Browsing the Bank’s website is anonymous and does not collect personal user data or any identifications (e.g., first and last name, phone number, email or other personal information, hereinafter: personal data). See […]


Loan Without Insurance – When You Need and When not Worth It

    Despite the law on consumer lending, which has come into force, a part of bank loans is still issued only in conjunction with an insurance policy. But is it possible to refuse the service imposed by bankers, or whether customers have no chance to get a loan without insurance. The story is on […]


Get to know Agram Bank – Agram Bank

  About us Agram banka dd Zagreb is the new name under which Kreditna banka Zagreb dd Zagreb started operations as of January 1, 2019. After more than 20 years of business, Agram Bank has opened new business horizons and, with its innovative banking services and products, as the largest domestic privately owned bank, additionally […]


Loan to Payroll Card Holders – Benefits and Features

    A loan to payroll card holders is the right conditions for borrowing money. Today, few people get paid by hand through accounting. Most enterprises and organizations enter into contracts with banks, open payroll accounts for their own employees and transfer money to them. Cooperation with credit organizations is beneficial for both employers and employees. […]