The best non-bank loans

by James Ford




Here, we can count on a loan with an upper limit of up to PLN 15,000 and a payback period of up to 36 months, i.e. 3 years. It is obvious that the longer we want to pay back the loan, the more we are exposed to additional costs.

Non-bank loan

money cash

  • The amount from PLN 1,000 to PLN 15,000
  • For a period of 3 to 36 months
  • Money on your account in 15 minutes
  • First loan up to PLN 15,000 for free

The APRC for a representative example is 78.6%. A loan in Zaplo can be applied for if you are over 21 years old and do not have recorded debts in the debtors’ databases and in BIK.

Edlina Loan

money cash

It is a company that appeared on the non-bank loans market a few months ago. New customers can count on a loan of up to PLN 6,000 and steel up to PLN 10,000. The loan repayment period can be from 3 to 24 months.

You can apply for a loan at Edlina Loan if you are over 21 years old and have a stable income.

Non-bank loan

  • Up to PLN 25,000
  • Repayment time from 12 to 60 months
  • Required resident
  • Bad credit history is not important


money cash

At Lendon, we can use the first loan for free. The upper limit for new customers is PLN 3,000. The company offers loans for 45 days.

Cash momentary

  • Up to PLN 6,000
  • Repayment time up to 45 days
  • Up to PLN 3,000 for free
  • Money even in 15 minutes

To be able to apply for a loan in Lendon, you must be 23 years old and have a bank account. Regular customers can count on increasing the maximum loan limit to PLN 5,000.


money cash

At present, this is the best offer available on the non-bank services market. I dare say so, because Wong’s proposal carries the lowest costs, because it has the most favorable interest rate on the loan among other offers. Regular customers can even count on a loan of up to PLN 10,000.

Non-bank loans

  • Up to PLN 1,500 for 60 days
  • Up to PLN 20,000 for 60 months
  • Cash on account in 15 minutes
  • Non-bank installment loans

APRC for a representative example of 262.7%.

It is worth noting that Wong’s offer is very rich, because we can count on an ordinary short-term loan for 30 days – absolutely free, as well as a loan with a repayment deadline of 60 days – here the fee is only 10 zlotys, regardless of the amount of the loan granted .

The offer of the company can be used by persons who are over 18 years old, have an ID card and do not have debts in repayment of other loans and credits.


money cash

Until recently, Provident was associated with loans granted at the client’s home. At present, the company has met the expectations of its customers and has enabled self-service loans with installments on the website.

5 × 0 self-service loan

  • The amount from PLN 300 to PLN 20,000
  • Repayment time from 3 to 48 months
  • Quick transfer to the account
  • Internet application

The APRC for a representative example is 9.87%.

The offer is available only to people who have adequate creditworthiness, and at the same time have no debt in repayment of other loans and credits, including bank loans. The loan amount can be from PLN 300 to PLN 20,000. Repayment period from 3 to 48 months. People who are at least 18 years old can apply for a loan.