The robot will beat the profits from bank deposits

by James Ford

Do you like to save on bank deposits, but looking for interesting offers spends you night’s sleep? Deragu bank has just started on the IQ money platform – an investment fund that can do it for you. What exactly? Search for the best deposit offers and invest your money in them.

This is a novelty on the Polish market, which – as the creators assure – will allow you to enjoy twice as much profit on deposits than if we were choosing deposits ourselves. The originators and founders of the platform are Arkadiusz Zaremba and Monika Chwiedziewicz, former managers from Idea Bank, who know the banking sector from the inside out.

Deragu bank will be perfect for you if:

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  • you want to place min. USD 1,000,
  • you want to spend your funds for longer,
  • you want to invest in an investment fund *,
  • you want to invest online.

* Although Deragu bank invests on deposits, it is still a fund and you, as a customer, by paying money, buy participation units. This unfortunately means that your savings are not covered by the BFG guarantee .

Deragu bank: parameters

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  • fund name: Altus Subfundusz Deragu bank A,
  • minimum investment amount : USD 1,000 – first payment, USD 100 – another one,
  • fund management fee : none,
  • distribution fee: none,
  • investment policy: a minimum of 80% of the fund’s assets is invested in deposits with domestic banks or credit institutions with a maturity of up to one year, payable on demand or those that can be withdrawn before maturity. Maximum 20% of assets may be securities issued, guaranteed or guaranteed by the State Treasury or the National Bank of Poland.
  • minimum investment horizon: 3 months.


How does Deragu bank work ?

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You register on the platform, choose the amount of investment and fund, and the rest is done by an intelligent algorithm. What exactly? He reviews bank deposit offers at individual banks, selects the best and invests money in them. The robot works non-stop, which avoids dead periods between closing one deposit and opening another.

Moreover, when a fund invests in deposits, the need to sign contracts for additional products, e.g. personal accounts, disappears. And this is not the end of the benefits – tax on profits, the so-called Belka’s tax is collected only after the entire investment is completed , i.e. when you decide to withdraw your funds from the fund, and not as in the case of investing in deposits yourself – each time you close the deposit.

How to invest under Deragu bank?

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The process of investing under the iQ money platform is very similar to the process of concluding an online contract with the bank. The entire process of registration and purchase of participation units takes place online, and everything takes several minutes. Below I present everything step by step.

You set up an account on the IQ money platform by filling out a simple form .
You enter your name, phone number, e-mail address, mark all consents, accept the regulations and click “Buy online”. The verification process is similar to that at a bank.

You log in to the platform and choose a fund. You provide data from your ID card and upload its scan for verification.

You complete the MIFiD survey – it tests your ability to take risks. You are finalizing your order – that is, you buy fund participation units for the amount you have spent on it. There are three ways to make a transfer: pay-by-link, card or bank transfer. You are waiting for your savings to grow.

Deragu bank opinion

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The platform itself is impressive – it is transparent, and instead of vague descriptions of funds are short and concise information. Apparently, the creators of the platform modeled on Instagram and clothing store websites. The investment and fund market definitely requires such changes – remote sales channels are the future of the financial market.

We also like the goal that guided the creators of the platform: encouraging Poles to invest. We, Poles, are not convinced to invest in funds, but maybe combining them with safe products, i.e. deposits, will change this attitude. Will it be a good combination? It really shows time. The advantage of this fund is certainly the low minimum investment amount (only USD 1,000) and the short minimum investment horizon (only 3 months).

Unfortunately, as in the case of the fund, higher profits are paid without a BFG guarantee – which, unfortunately, can effectively deter potential clients. Investment fund units, even those offered by banks, are not subject to BFG guarantees . Buyers of them need to be aware that capital can be lost or multiplied depending on the stock market situation.